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Christmas Caroling

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 1:33 AM

It's Christmas time once again. You could feel the cool breeze. Christmas lights and decors are everywhere. And as you look to your Christmas Gift List you noticed that the number has doubled. You begin to ask yourself how am I going to buy all these gifts. There's a way my friend. Make profit by doing Christmas Caroling.

But I don't know how to sing? Or I am not a songbird like Regine Velasquez. That's alright, you don't really need to sing. What you could do is gather enough kids who are in the age bracket of 4-9 years old. The more that you can gather the better. It doesn't even matter if their good in singing. People find kids adorable and they are looking more for their appearance like costumes than their voice (although it wouldn't hurt if you got a singing group).

Plus their voice, even if it is not yet at it's peak, is music to every adult ears. They are like small birds standing in a tree branch gathered all together. Ever heard the sound of a children choir inside the church. They are so good that you don't need a musical instrument to make it worth while.

Okay so how will you do it. Look at your immediate family first then go further to long distant relative, friends, neighbors, and the community. You can start with your kids or your younger brothers and sisters. You can contact your niece and nephews as well. Tell them to call their friends and ask them if they want to join. A group of 20 kids would be nice but you can start with just 10.

If you don't know how to play any musical instrument then you can search for somebody who knows. Usually a guitar will do but you will be better if your equip with a pipe organ, flute, clarinet, saxophone, bass trombone, harmonica, harp, ukulele, violin, snare drum, and maracas. If your able to manage that then you have yourself a mini-symphony orchestra.
Plus if you got kids that have soprano, alto, and tenor voices then you got yourself a money making machine.

Start with your village and community first. Send them letters with your contact numbers on it. Let the homeowners set the time and date (usually they are free on week-ends). A normal charge for one house visit in a exclusive subdivision is usually Php 500. But if you have a good singing group, you can charge higher ranging from Php 1,000 - Php 5,000.
Let's just assume that you charge Php 500. If a certain village has 4,000 residential units and you just got 25% of the total population. Php 500 multiplied by 1,000 is Php 500,000. If you have 20 kids plus 3 musicians plus yourself (that's a total of 24). Then you divide the total amount of Php 500,000. Each individual will get a net profit of Php 20,833. Not bad huh?

It all depends on you. It's your prerogative. But the main thing here is not the profit. That is just secondary. The real pleasure here is giving joy to the community and to the kids. Enjoying the Christmas spirit by singing Christmas songs. Eating together as a group and walking to each and every house. That experience is priceless.


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