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Burong Bangus

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 7:30 PM

Bangus (Milkfish) is one of the most popular fish and seafood in the Philippines. And there are different ways of cooking them like fried bangus, sizzling bangus, bangus belly steak, nilagang bangus, rellenong bangus, smoked bangus, lumpiang bangus, paksiw na bangus, bangus sa tausi, bangus bistik, afritadang bangus, and bangus kare-kare.

All of these bangus recipes will be an additional menus on your restaurant or canteen. You can't simply go wrong with bangus. Even if bangus is much "bonier" than other fish, it's the taste is what people are after.

Bangus is popular in the province of Pangasinan, a province devoted to aquaculture. So if you want to get good bangus source go to Pangasinan.

I have one more bangus dish to share with you. It's Burong bangus.

Materials Needed:

1 kilo bangus
75.2 grams salt
17 grams angkak (red yeast rice)
5 cups rice

Here are simple steps to process “burong bangus” for business:

1. Remove the scales of the skin
2. Debone the bangus.
3. Cut the fish into butterfly fillets. Cut into serving pieces.
4. Add 75.2 grams of salt and allow to saturate for one hour.
5. Cook five cups of rice by boiling in water. Cool.
6. Add the 17 grams angkak to cooked rice.
7. Mix 400 grams salted fish and 850 grams cooked rice. Pack rice and fish alternatively in sterilized glass jar.
8. Place the remaining rice on the upper layer of fish. Cover with plastic film. Place the remaining rice on the upper layer of fish. Cover with plastic film.
9. Ferment for seven days at room temperature.
10. Saute in cooking oil, garlic and onions before serving.

There you go. Hope this recipe will add sales to your restaurant.


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