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Donut Empire

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 9:14 PM

Just look at this picture. I bet you want to get a piece of it. The image above has flavors that consist of Typhoon Oreo, Almond Pit, and Choz O'Latte. This are just a few of the mouth watering donuts. So where can you find this kind of donuts?

You might be thinking that they came from Dunkin Donuts, Mr. Donuts, or even Go Nuts Donuts. I'm sorry to disappoint you but they don't have that kind.
Alright they came from Krispy Kreme. Close but no cigar. They don't have that too. In fact this donuts are not yet available in the Philippines. They can be found in Singapore.

Introducing Donut Empire. The largest donut chain in Singapore. Donut Empire currently has 13 outlets in Singapore, 2 in Malaysia and is opening outlets in Dubai, Indonesia, India, Brunei and China.
In the year 2007, Sky and Steven Chiew (founders of Donut Empire) drew up a plan to put up a donut chain based on their passion for food. Their first outlet was set in Tanjong Katong Road. Their business grew up from there and was widely known through out South East Asia.

So what are the donuts menu. Here is a one sample picture:
  • D Haven - consist of real fresh quality Durians mixed with egg-free custard

plus you got a mango glazed donut, tiramisu donut, cappuccino donut, green tea donut from Japan, and liguid cheese donut from Australia. This are just to name a few.
For more donuts menu information log on to :

Donut Empire is so unique that they even have a mobile outlet where they put all there donuts in a mobile truck or van and open it up in an congested area. In that way it can save rental cost and they can reach areas like schools, parks, beach, villages, etc.

Be the first Filipino to get a franchise outlet (yes, they do franchise). Be the first one to set it up in the Philippines.
For more information about franchising, you may email their Business Development Manager at or call 6742 2322 (Singapore).

Here are some more websites about Donut Empire:

My advise to you.... Grab this opportunity or someone else will.


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