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My 6 year goal

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 11:26 PM

This is my 6 year goal. Living on the beach, relaxing in that hammock, and walking on the white sand of Boracay. Our ancestors originated in the province of Panay. Kalibo Aklan to be exact. We still have relatives staying there.
My plan is to start first in Kalibo, settle anything that needs to be settled, and slowly move in closer to the beautiful island of Boracay.

What I meant was staying there for not just a week, but more than a month. My main source of income comes from the internet by way of blogging, creating websites, writing articles to popular blogs, selling my products online, etc.
If I can accumulate enough funds in the 6 year period, then living in Boracay won't be a problem.

Hell, I know some Australian guy who makes big money just from one blog and rewards himself by traveling the whole world. He roamed majority of the countries in Europe, had been to the United States several times, and has traveled to Asia and the Middle East.
And the beauty of it is he is still earning while exploring the world. He just bring along his laptop and do his work whenever, wherever. Isn't it great?

If that guy can do it then I can do it as well. What I need is a powerful and fast ISP (internet service provider). So far what we have here is the Smartbro plug-it, Globe Tatoo, and Sun Broadband. But the word is the internet speed is still slow.
Hopefully, this 3 telecommunication companies can fix their glitch and improve the speed of their ISP.

If that happens then it's all systems go for me and off to Boracay I go. I could even stay in Boracay as long as I want. No worries of the traffic rush, the pollution, and the routine work of living in the urban area.
This could be my daily regular agenda in Boracay:

3-6 AM: Work on my Internet projects

6-8 AM: Go for a swim at one of the most beautiful beach

8-9 AM: Take a heavy breakfast with my favorite coffee

9-11 AM: Take a cat nap (with the aircon on of course)

11-2 PM: Get back to my work. Eat Lunch and check on my emails and updates.

2-6 PM: "A lot of Free time for me". I have a lot of options; mountain trekking, play beach volleyball, food tripping, shopping, scuba diving, wind surfing, spelunking, or just hang out and read my favorite book on the hammock.

6-7 PM: Dinner time. Time to look for a nice restaurant. Each day will be a different place.

7-9 PM: Go back to my room. Relax a bit. Watch a movie or my favorite TV show.

9-11 PM: Time to go out and Party!!!

So there, that would be my daily itinerary. I was able to do my work for a total of just only 6 hours, enjoy the nature of Boracay, be a food critic like Anthony Bourdain and dine in all of the best restaurants in Boracay, and be a party freak.

And on top of that, I live a healthy lifestyle. No pollution, little stress, eat fresh fruits and vegetables (maybe a little protein), do a lot of exercise, and just enough sleeping time.

And mind you, I can do that everyday of the week.

That is my 6 year plan. So Boracay, please stay clean and beautiful because I will be spending most of my time in your beloved place very soon.


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