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Are you managing your time well?

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 11:20 PM

Most people are like ants. Their mindset is to work from Monday to Friday for 8 hours a day.
They leave their house in the morning and be back home almost in the evening. This people do it in a routine manner that they don't have to set an alarm clock to wake them up. Their body clock is set like ants and they do it 5 days a week.

In the week-end they spend their hard earned money by going to malls and eating out and buying the stuff that they don't really need. Not like ants, they work not for their wants but "only" to their needs. That is why the ants colony have plenty of food during rainy season because they were prepared for it.
And mind you folks, this ants didn't get any proper education. They just do it by instinct. If they don't work they won't have anything to eat.

Unfortunately, we people are the other way around. We are the ones who were educated but it seems we are "dumber" than this tiny creatures. So after this people spend their money in the week-end they have to start the week with no or little money. Their payday seems to be miles away and they have to pay the bills and their personal needs.
That's the time they to do part time jobs or overtime. So their time of work ends not only at 5 PM but they extend it to 7-9 PM. Then they are too tired when they reach home by 11-12 PM.
Tired in a sense that all they can do is go to bed and get ready for another stress-full day tomorrow.

But you know what, it's still the same thing. This people earned a little from their weekly part-time jobs and overtime work just to pay for their debts on the tuition of their kids, their electricity, post paid plans, cable TV, water, maids, car monthly amortization... the list goes on and on...

And they keep on doing that year after year. Always struggling financially and always going for the pursuit of happiness. When they reach 60 years old, they don't have any retirement savings, no investments, and no medical coverage. All they have is unpaid debts, body aches, and unlimited tension.

That is why managing your time is very very important. In fact it is more important than money. Why? I know you would ask that... ok here it goes. Money is nice and everybody in this world either needs it or wants it. But here's the thing, sometimes in life you will lose money. Even the rich ones makes mistakes in their investments from time to time. No one is perfect.
But even if you lose money (even a large portion of it or even to a point of bankruptcy), there is still a chance to gain money again.
All you have to do is work again and do the stuff that you've been doing when you still have the money. One way or the other you will get it all back.

But we can't do that with time. Once it's gone it's gone. For example, you were stuck in the meeting and you miss the basketball game. Or how about you were with your friends in the mall and you were not able to attend your son's soccer game where he scored the winning goal.
Or you got sick and we're not able to dance the boy of your dreams in the high school prom night.
All of us, have experienced something that we regret and wish that we could turn back the clock and fix things up.

That is how valuable time is. You could not go back in time to correct what you made wrong. It may sound corny and the phrase is a little bit old and rusty but the "Time is Gold" phrase is very essential to all of us. Time is really gold, it's priceless. The times together you spend with your spouse..... your wedding day, or perhaps the first time you've met.
The times you and your girlfriend went to Boracay and spend 3 days of fun and adventures at the beach.
All of this has meaning. All of this is memorable. All of this is treasured.

So going back to the people who works hard like ants but still doesn't have money to live happily and no worries... here's my tip to you. You don't have to work hard. There is a better way for it... work smarter. You don't have to work for money, let your money work for you.
Making passive income will solve your financial burdens and you will have more quality time with your loved ones.

I have started one passive income where I let my money work for me. All I have to do is to monitor it consistently and just make it a well oiled machine. Right now I collect my earnings from my passive income and I'm planning to put "another" passive income stream so that in the future I can let go of my "active" income (work) and let my passive income streams do the work for me. Neat huh!

I will discuss this more on my next article. In the meantime, work like ants but also save like ants. In that way you can save money and build your own passive income streams that will bring you to financially freedom and happiness.


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