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You can also be like Superman....

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 5:06 AM

Yes, you too can be Superman.... I'm not talking about you getting his super powers like extra ordinary strength and x-ray vision, but you can be "super" in your very own way.

Remember that Superman was also an ordinary person back in his hometown planet "Krypton". He only became super when he arrived on earth. All of a sudden Superman became a "hero" in the planet earth just by doing what is normal for him. In Krypton, Superman was known as "Kal-El" when he was an infant. On earth, Superman is an icon and a symbol of excellence.

What is Superman have to do with you.... well you can be like him if you really put your mind into what your good at. Yes, each one of us is unique. God made us special and gave us a specific and exceptional gift.
Some of us is great in music, some are excellent in sports, some are great inventors, some are good in numbers, some are great poets and writers, some are good in cooking, some are experts in computers, and some are good in dealing with people.

You see each one of us have a unique gift and talent. People like Micheal Jackson, Brad Pitt, Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods are over pouring and oozing with talent. This individuals that I mentioned are great in their category.
Micheal Jackson, a gifted singer and dancer, is probably the best entertainer of all time. He earned a fortune on his record breaking albums and concerts.
Brad Pitt used his pretty face to be widely known in the movie industry. Known as one of the world's most attractive man, Brad Pitt captured the hearts of many female admirers.
Micheal Jordan brought basketball to a different dimension. Jordan won 6 NBA championships and several MVP awards. He is known as the world's best basketball player of all time.
And Tiger Woods, the most successful golfer and the most highest paid athlete in the world. He earned an estimated $ 110 million from winnings and endorsement.

But to most of us unfortunately, we are not aware of our gifts and talents. Or worse don't even bother to look to their hidden gifts and talents. You don't have to be like Michael Jackson or Tiger Woods. You can be great even in a small and different way.
In the Philippines there is one guy I know who used his love for animals (specifically dogs) for business purposes. He has this St. Bernard and he brings this huge and lovable dog to Burnham Park in Baguio. There he earns money from tourist while taking the picture of his dog. He gets to walk and bond with his dog in the park and earns a profit at the same time. He gets the best of both worlds..... business and pleasure.

Then there is this woman who is an accountant. She has a family of 5 and works in a small company in Makati. Her salary is just enough for their monthly expense. Little did I know that she has several passive income streams on the side. She has earnings from her rental on her real estate business. She has several investments on mutual bonds, stocks, and other paper assets.
She even have 5 extra small business to add to her income streams.
She told me that her passive income streams is much much bigger than her monthly salary.

I also knew a guy who was a struggling musician all his life. He told me that he was a failure and he has no place in this world. I sympathize with him and told him to let go of his depression and I even joke with him to cook something for me. He took my joke as a serious comment and cook something for me. When I tasted his dish I was overwhelmed and told him instantly that this is what you have been missing all your life.
I told him the reason why he was struggling as a musician because God has different plans for him and he was on the wrong field. His arena is into food and he was destined to be a great chef. With just one joke everything click for him. Now this guy has 3 big restaurants in town.

So you see, there is something "super" inside of us. We just need to discover what is it. It could be your passion or your hobby. Or it could be something that you don't like to do but you excel in it.
Sometimes it's better to ask from a different perspective and ask the opinion of a third party. This person might see something that your loved ones haven't seen. Ask around and get their honest comments about you.
You could go on a retreat on a quite and serene place. In that place you can ask our creator what is your hidden gift and talent. God may not answer you directly and I'm pretty sure he will sent down a sign or signal for you.

Remember it doesn't matter if your a garbage man, a helper, a security guard, a waiter, or a clerk. As long as you are doing your best on your field everything will be alright. Rags to riches story doesn't only happens in the movies... they happen in real life as well.
Just know what is "super" within you. Make the most of your gift and talent and use it to the best of your ability.

It is better to be Lion for a day than a sheep all your life. Don't settle as Clark Kent. Take off your coat and be the Superman. And when you discover your hidden gift and talent, don't forget to share it to the rest of humanity. Share your blessings, give something back, help the needy. Then everybody can call you the true "Superman".


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