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Create wealth through Passive income 2

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 1:27 AM

Welcome back! This is a continuation of my article about creating wealth through Passive income. So without further ado let's move to the next method:


This is what you call money from paper. You collect specific pieces of paper and then let your money grow through interest (much higher than a bank). Mutual funds are paper assets. It is like saving in a bank but the difference is you get higher yield and you can diversify your funds.
You don't have to be afraid and ask if mutual funds are for the rich. Hell no! In fact, Mutual funds are created for people who have limited funds and savings. It just that the rich took advantage of this because of their early awareness. Why should the rich enjoy all the fun... when you can be a part of it too.

You can start investing in Mutual funds for as low as Php 5,000. Every month save money from your salary and start you Mutual funds passive income. There are lot of Mutual fund companies out there that are eager to help you grow your money. Just remember to check on the background of the company first before you invest.

There are a lot of various Mutual funds options. There is balanced funds, equity funds, peso funds, dollars funds, even euro funds.
Mutual funds is a very good addition to your Passive income streams. This is another method where you let your hard earned money work for you.


Stocks? Is that gambling? The Stock market has gained a negative impact to the common people because of the market crash and the economy crises. But mind you, it is not only the Stock market that is affected by the crisis.... it's affects all. So the answer to the question is Stock market considered gambling..... if you're not careful you can say it's gambling. But if your well prepared, studied the strengths and weaknesses, and you got a mentor who is into Stocks then it is not gambling.

Stock market is not gambling, it is a science. There is a proven method on how you can truly earned from it. The technique here is you should not be afraid even if the market is crashing. Don't pull your investments out, in fact buy more stocks that is in financial difficulty. Be patient... one of this days your time will come where your eggs (investments) will hatch and you will reap all the rewards.

If you know the method of investing in Stock market this could be another tool of gaining more access to financial freedom.


Welcome to the future! This is where people will earn their money a few years from now. In fact, there are a lot of Filipinos that are earning from it today. They create websites or blogs and gained profits from advertisers like Google. They get paid in dollars.
Others promote their business through the internet and gained more customers and higher sales not just locally but globally. If you have a business and want to attract more customers/clients from the internet you can log to this website

If your fast in typing you can apply as a Virtual assistant and get outsource work from abroad and earn dollars. If you get 1-2 clients a month this could replace your daily job and you can finally work at home and spend more time with your family.
How about an online shop like Ebay, Amazon, or even You can sell your old materials that you don't need and put up your own garage sale... only your customers are online and they buy your stuff from your website.

There are a lot of ways from earning from the internet and the ones that I mention are only a few. People nowadays are relying on technology.... the internet is one if them. Everybody goes online and a lot of people are taking advantage of this phenomenon. Will you let this opportunity pass by? Who knows, your idea could make you the next big time millionaire.

If you want to create a passive income from the internet where you can spend just 4 hours every week you can reach me at:

Francis Isberto
landline: 494-7185
cell: (0918)201-3458

I hope this article could help you in your pursuit for financial freedom. Creating passive income is the fattest and surest way of giving you more wealth. Passive income will release you from financial burden and you will enjoy the true meaning of life.... being free and you can do anything that you want anytime, anywhere, anyday.


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