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Mushroom Growing

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 6:49 AM

When you think about mushrooms what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Mushroom Burger. Yeah me too, I love Mushroom Burger joint that is located in Tagaytay.
Aside from Mushroom Burger what else does comes to your mind? It is good for your health. Yeah that's true but your missing the point here... Mushroom can give you profits... lots of it.

Mushroom growing can be undertaken by urban dwellers as well as those living in the countryside. It can be undertaken as a commercial venture or just as a hobby for producing one’s own home requirements of mushroom.

Mushroom growing offers a number of advantages. Growing mushroom only require a small place and little amount of time. It has a very short gestation period. If your start with purchased fruiting bags, you will be able harvest your first mushrooms after only several days. Planting could be staggered so that harvesting could be done on daily basis or some other frequency desired by the grower or the demand of the market. The capital required is also minimal.

The great advantage of growing mushrooms, especially organic oyster mushroom in the urban area is that the market is right in the city and it is a big market. These include institutional buyers like restaurants, subdivisions homeowners, weekend market and the like. Your fresh harvest of organic mushroom can command high price in these markets.

If the harvest is many and present buyers cannot absorb all the fresh harvest, you can make them into powder of dried mushroom. Or you can make pickled mushroom.

Interested? Do you want to produce mushrooms at your own home and sell it to your neighbors, relatives and friends?
You can attend a seminar about mushroom production at AANI URBAN FARM 01 EARL ST., KINGSVILLECOURT, SUMULONG HIGHWAY, ANTIPOLO CITY.
It's a whole day seminar with hands-on training. You may call their office 497-2755
or text (0919)2033178 email: they have mother spawn available:
oyster mushrooms:
1. florida
2. sajor-caju


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