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Business + A Van = Money

Posted by Francis Isberto | Labels: | Posted On Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 1:36 AM

Ever thought of using your car for business and personal use at the same time. Does your car seems to be a little small for your family. Or you just need extra space from your vehicle for cargo. Get a Van. It works for you in so many ways. Let's cut down the details :

Space, Space, Space:

A sedan can accommodate 5 passengers. An SUV can fit 5-7 people. But a Van has the space to fill up passengers from 15 up to 21. That's a big margin.
Cargo, not a problem. The van has a long bed of space to fit a piano, a dining table, or a long bench. Something a normal car or an SUV can't do.

Save Gas:

Most of Asian Vans have diesel engines. Again a plus point. With a diesel engine vehicle, you can travel more distance compared to vehicles with normal gasoline engines. With our economy's unpredictability, it's nice to know that a Van can save a few liters of gas.

An aid to your business:

Delivery problems? Having trouble with picking up your supplies and raw materials? All of this can be solved if you have a Van. Having a Van can save your business operating cost. There's no need to rent a vehicle. The luxury of having a Van is you can put majority of your stocks in one travel only compared to using a sedan or an SUV. You got 60 boxes of your product to transport, no problem. How about 40 sacks of rice, sure thing go ahead and fill her up.

Cash cow machine:

Here's the good part, you can make profit from your Van. The options are endless. Here are the things that you can start with:

  • Rental Service (Rent your Van to companies or SME owners)
  • Shuttle Service (Transport passengers to and from)
  • School Bus
  • Transport for Tourist (Coordinate with Travel Agency's clients)
  • Delivery Vehicle
  • Mobile Restaurant (How about a moving Pizza chain joint)
This is just to name a few. A Van gives you a lot of flexibility and options to your business.

But how can I avail a Van? Well you can trade your car to a brand new Van. There's no need to worry on the monthly amortization, with a lot of income producing stream that your Van can produce. Your Van can be paying for its monthly amortization saving you the trouble.
If your limited on funds, there are a lot of 2nd hand Vans out there that are still in good condition.

Here are the types of van that I recommend:

  • Nissan Urvan
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Mitsubishi L300 Versa Van

So there you go. A Van helps you in lot of ways. Go and get one now.


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